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Care & Feeding:

Our bagels are meant to be schmeared and eaten right away, however if you want to keep them fresh and tasty for another day or so here are some tips....


How to store your bagels:

For A Day or Two:

If you can resist from eating them long enough to let them cool to room temperature, place the bagels in a paper bag, take that paper bag, place it into a Zip Lock or other resealable plastic bag. Don't forget to shmush down the plastic bag to make sure all the air is out before your seal them.

DO NOT put them in the refrigerator! Leave them on the counter where everyone can see them. Firstly, they'll keep better and retain their yumminess and secondly, you'll eat them faster and that's just good for business.

For A Week Or So:

Frozen bagels will last quite a while. We suggest that you first cut them in half and then place 2 or 3 slices into a resealable freezer bag. You can simply pop them right into the toaster from the freezer.

For More than a Week:

 Why do such a thing? Just order fresh.....

How to Eat your Bagels:

What am I your mother? Eat them any way you like!



Whatever way you do decide to eat them, post a pic on Instagram and tag us @boom.bagels to be featured. We'd love to see what creative and delicious ways you dress up your bagel!

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