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  • How do I place an order?
    Head to on Wednesay at 11:00am. Then click "order" and simply select what you would like to purchase. Checkout and pick up your order that Sunday at the designated pick up spot. NOTE: We recommend putting a note in your calendar for 11:00am sharp as we typically sell out within a few hours.
  • Are you a peanut free product?
    While none of our bagels contain any peanuts our kitchen space is shared so cross contamination is possible. If you have any nut allergies stear clear of the bagels but please feel free to grab a t-shirt they are 100% peanut free!
  • Why are your bagels so darn delicious?
    Creating the best bagels humanly possible was the entire reason this business started. Each bagel is made up of the highest quality ingredients. We use a custom blended flour mixture that took months of testing to perfect. We hand weigh and roll every bagel to perfection. The bagels get boiled in a malt-infused water then baked on wooded burlap boards. The result, a BoomBagel with a crispy outer crust and chewy delicious inside. It is like nothing else in the area. You have to try them to see what we mean.
  • Where do you do your baking?
    We bake in a commercial kitchen in the NorthShore
  • How do I store my bagels?
    Take a look at the Care and Feeding page
  • Are your bagels vaccinated?
    We stay out of politics…but our bageliers are all fully vaccinated.
  • Do I need to order on Wednesday?
    Yes, and please keep in mind we typically sell out within a few hours so maybe set an alarm. If you would like to place a large order please shoot us an email.
  • Where do I pick up my bagels?
    The pick up location will alway be on the website and in your confermatiom email. If you have any questions about pick up feel free to shoot us an email!
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